The Loving Who Series

 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romantic-Comedy Adventure coming soon from Devine Destinies Books... The Loving Who trilogy!

The man...the magic... the fan movie?

Loving Who
 (Book One)

Screwball comedy meets the world of Doctor Who fandom. Cici Connors' life will never be the same when she takes a mysterious man into her life (and her bed) and it all begins to change... possibly for the better. John Smith makes the perfect Doctor for their club's fan film, but is he really good boyfriend material? His fondness for pop corn and whipped cream are the least of his eccentricities, as Cici discovers not everyone sees the same man she sees. 

When will John confess he's not from this planet? Will Cici ever regret having an affair and becoming mixed-up in an extra-terrestrial kidnapping plot? After all, how many alien assassins tracking her does one fangirl need?

Coming soon from Devine Destinies Books.

Cici Connors returns to help save the earth in Book 2, the sequel to Loving Who...

Leaving Who
(Book Two) 

After traveling the universe with time traveler John Smith, Cici Connors wants one more thing—to go home. Will the imminent destruction of Earth throw a kink into her plans?

Coming soon from Devine Destinies Books.

Losing Who
(Book Three)

Cici Connors is losing her mind—or is she? Alien time traveler John Smith had to leave her at the end of Leaving Who for the sake of clearing up Earth's muddy timeline, but now he vows to return to his adopted world--and return Cici's memories as well. Nothing is ever easy or simple where John Smith is concerned, and he enlists the aid of his two partners in crime, Captain Mac and Babbling Brook. But will having Cici run John's sci-fi convention only attract an invasion of Earth by artificially intelligent life forms? 

Coming soon from Devine Destinies Books.

If You Give a Time Traveler a Cookie...
Join John and Cici in a humorous short adventure featuring a malfunctioning cookie box that produces an endless supply of Thin Mints and hilarious results. 

 Coming soon from Devine Destinies Books.

This is a PG to PG-13 rated, contemporary romantic-comedy series, featuring sci-fi/fantasy adventure and mayhem, along with rabid Doctor Who fans. (In other words, no real naughty stuff, no graphic violence, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after ending.)

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